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maricela martinez


Musician,mother, human and women's rights advocate and director of Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas

With over 20 Years Of experience in the mariachi business,Maricela comes from a long line family of mariachi musicians from Jalisco, Mexico she has been a member of the most prestigious mariachis in  the United States and Mexico.

Some of the all female groups that Maricela has been a part of and have helped shape her career and apprectation of the musical genre are Mariachi Las Perlitas Tapatias, Mariachi  Femenil Internacional, Mariachi  Las Adelitas, Mariachi Reynas de Los Angeles, Mariachi Divas and Mariachi  Mujer 2000.



Another strong influence for Maricela is her father; a 50 year veteran mariachi trumpeter who was her first teacher and has been a constant presence of musical guidance, support and love for Maricela.

One of her most memorable mariachi experiences was when her father took her to work  “el talon”  which in Spanish slang refers to playing table to table and charging per song, a surefire  way for most mariachi musicians to build their repertoire, negotiate deals and gain prospective clients.

She begin her musical education at 16 with classes from her father and also attended 2 years of music classes at Universidad de Guadalajara. She also took private lessons with the well-known mariachi legend Crecencio Hernandez for three years, and credits these as her greatest  influences in her career.



A proud Mexican immigrant, and now US Citizen from the beautiful city of Guadalajara, Jalisco , Maricela is a passionate supporter of equality pay for her fellow female musicians after personally experiencing this sort of injustice, in a primarily macho dominated genre.

An avid supporter of education she completed her her General Education Diploma in 2004 and also has a Mariachi Diploma from Secretaria de Educación de Guadalajara. She is currently contemplating going back to college to finish her music degree.


A master multitasker, Maricela is mother to three children and wife to Julian Martinez and handles the  responsibility of booking ,promotion ,billing , rehearsals, wardrobe and paperwork of all of the performances

As well as her favorite part of the day ;performing and being the front-woman for Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas, assuring that her audience always receive a fun and professional performance from her group.


She also always acknowledges the contributions of her fellow members of the

group (past and present) who have contributed their beauty, talent and support over the years to Mariachi Lindas Mexicanas

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